A camera is just a camera.

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Re: A camera is just a camera.

Hollander wrote:

First of, I'm not a technical person at all. For that reason I find myself left out in the cold when it comes to debating the pros and cons of the new cameras that are coming out.

I do follow the discussions on this forum with great interest as is the case at this moment with the new G1X MK2. After I decide what will work for me and what I want from a camera I will acquire that said camera.

Following this routine I,m happy to say that I purchased 2 great cameras in the past to learn and work the best I can with the camera. Again I thank this forum community for their advice for my purchases of the SX110 and SX50HS.

A couple of my random SX50 pictures.

In conclusion I like to say once you've decided which camera to buy, run with it and enjoy the features it has.



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To keep my brain active I'm looking forward to my next trip. So much to see yet and not enough time.

Great images! You have a good eye.

I agree with your philosophy but not with your title for this thread. A  camera is more than a camera, it is a talisman, a phallic extension of the self, a transitional object, a totem object, a collector's item, a paint brush, a way of communicating, and a lot of other things, depending on the person.

Thanks for posting these fine images,


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