Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

Euell wrote:

I've written on the subject of functionality vs. cameras as status symbols.

Where, a diary entry, on a napkin, blog?

I've written on heart surgery, quantum physics and sex with Gilda Radner. We're pretty awesome.

Euell wrote:

Tuloom wrote:

Helen wrote:

The NEX-6 seems to me to have a metal top cap....

It does, Helen. You are correct.

Euell wrote:

It's got metal top and bottom plates. The NEX 6 does not. The front plate makes a noise like metal, but I suspect it is plastic. The NEX 6 is pretty much all plastic, except for the frame.

Where are you getting this from.

I own both cameras and am not blind.

In your next set of 'falutin musings, I would suggest making a more conscientious attempt at getting the materials straight.

Unless Sony is using metal plastic, this is metal, that's the top plate, and it's on my NEX-6.

And a capture from the tear down youtube:

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