Since Lightroom is so good, what do you use Photoshop for?

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Re: Since Lightroom is so good, what do you use Photoshop for?

richardplondon wrote:

Dave Stott wrote:

This is a strange dialogue. Lightroom doesn't alter pixels 'cos a RAW file doesn't have any pixels. ACR likewise doesn't create a pixel based file till you exit it.

When you output an image from Lightroom it takes the RAW file, applies the Lightroom edits, and produces a pixel based file. You may see it, if you Export it, or Publish it, or pass to another editor, or you may not if it is headed for a printer. But it is most certainly there.

And exactly the same applies for non-destructive operations such as e.g. adjustment layers, inside the Photoshop editor. The application of a change, however made, is always in some respect a degradation of the integrity of the original data; but the whole point of post-processing our images is because we WANT a particular result.

"Non-destructive" just means that after obtaining result A, we aren't then necessarily left with a LESS GOOD result B - it may be different, but it can be equivalent; in effect, they are both equally first-generation.

No cumulative degradation, IOW.

Right, but the term "non-destructive" highlights the fact that the original image information is preserved in the background layer, to which one can revert at any time.  In other words, the background layer is not altered or destroyed. If you think about it, utilizing layers in Photoshop is not unlike what happens to raw files in a raw convertor, where a set of instructions are applied to the file.  I'm not saying that it is exactly the same process, but it is not as different as one might think.


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