Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

captura wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

I said not necessarily an upgrade that does not mean it is not. In the light of the A57 to A58 and Nex 3 to A3000 it just should not be automatically assumed. Time will tell.

There may be others, too. And the original NEX-3 was a solid camera; maybe a thicker polycarbonate.

I also prefer my 5R to the 6 because of the touchscreen which I use a lot. And the smaller size as well as the metallic build. The 5R is just as capable as the 6. It is a shame that (barring the NEX-5T) there is no replacement model for the 5 line.

The A5000 is another cheaper plastic body with fewer features than the 5R/5T and is a replacement for the 3N.

So it looks like Sony have done some cost cutting (but added features) to enable them to bring the A6000 in at $649 body-only.

In contrast the Fuji XT1 is a far-better constructed camera, with similar performance. The two marques are not really competing with these models. Their target markets are completely different. Instead of the A6000, I would have preferred Sony bringing in an A7000 metal-body replacement for the NEX-7. That would have been the direct competitor to the XT1. I'd have paid the extra cost.

PS: Interestingly it seems that Fuji may very soon announce a new XT2, which will be a Full Frame competitor to the A7 series!


Euell wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

The transition from the Nex 6 to the A6000 is not necessarily an upgrade as the A6000 is a far cheaper camera than the Nex 6 at start pricing. The A6000 probably has a lot of firmware bugs sorted out and operational improvements but it is a lower cost model so do not be fooled by the 6 designation in terms of construction quality. Sony did this in A mount naming the entry level as the A58 which was really the A37 in many respects.

woodsjo3 wrote:

I'm no where close to claiming I'm a photographer. But I'm addicted to photography. I've tansitioned from my first camera the nex-3 to a nex-5 to a nex-5r to a nex 6 and finally to an a6000. Every time I've upgraded I've been happy with the build quality. But the a6000 feels like a toy in comparison to the nex 6. It feels almost bloated... just my thoughts, definitely not a deal breaker. I'm sure a real photographer would prefer a lighter body that the the plastic offers. I just thought it would feel morr durable.

Disagree completely. I own both and the use of metal top and bottom plates is an upgrade in build.

A cousin picked up the Fuji XT1 and is very happy with it, but it is a completely different style camera. Apples and oranges.

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