I feel misled: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 II AF is SO SLOW!

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My impression was quite the opposite

My subjective impression with this lens has been quite the opposite, I didn't really want it but then I got and liked it.

I already had the 25mm F1.4 and 14mm F2.5, and I wasn't very attracted at all by the 20mm after reading about its slow AF and also annoying and fragile moving front element, and also odd focal length in the middle of more traditional ones.

But then it was a bargain to get as a bundle with the GX7, so I got it, thinking to give it a try (and half a thought to sell it soon after).

However I then started to like this lens, and now it has taken quite a bit of work out of my 25mm, and almost sent to retirement my 14mm.

My subjective experience with AF speed was not bad at all - yes, it's slower than all my other lenses, but I can barely feel this slowness in normal use, I really just forget that it's supposedly a slow focus lens when out shooting. And yes sometimes it hunts, but it happened quite rarely to me. Overall it's just responsive enough not to make me think about the focus speed.

Then I started to appreciate the pros of this lens. Very sharp, sharpest among all my lenses wide open. Larger aperture (compared to 14mm F2.5, not to mention kit zoom) turns out to be quite useful in low light, and gives quite a bit of extra bokeh. And the focal length turned out to be quite versatile, covering both wider-angle (in a bit of a squeeze) and a normal lens range (with a bit of extra coverage), not always perfect but being able to fit many situations (which the 25mm wouldn't be able to fit).

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