Just for fun (Panasonic camera/pet-related)

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Re: Just for fun (Panasonic camera/pet-related)

nicodimus22 wrote:

I work with animals full-time, and I have several pets at home, so I'm always interested in anything and everything to do with critters. I'm sure that plenty of you have pets that you've practiced your photography on, so show us one of your better shots!

Rules for this thread:

-1 photo only

-Must contain a pet (no, spouses and kids don't count!)

-Must be taken with a Panasonic camera

I'll start. This is my pet toad Gwen, shortly after growing legs (taken with a ZS15):

Your turn!

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i predict this may be the longest thread ever created!!!

Pets + photography = Infinity.

Here is our cat, named Nico, and his reflection.


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