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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

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My point being, nobody really knows exactly what the build composition of the A6000 is.

Until someone tears one apart or Sony publishes a cutaway or something, what do we really know, and what difference does it make? A paper thin aluminum skin in front of the very same metal and other parts inside doesn't make much difference to me, at least. I know having a metal top plate on my NX300 doesn't give it a better quality feel than my new A6000.

THAT SAID, if you find a worn Leica M9 or an older all-metal film camera from the 60's, they tend to 'brass' around the edges and that's kind of cool - but we're talking very old, or very expensive. Pretty much everything else these days is a super thin skin over a tight tangle of innards.

Metallic objects, like the NEX-5 & NEX-7 feel cool to the touch. Plastic objects ( A5000, A6000, NEX-3) feel warmer less solid and subjectively less pleasant. I am amazed that you don't know that. Even a 10 year old can differentiate between the two, by touch and feel.

That's odd actually. I'm holding my NEX-7 and my A6000 side by side and I'm surprised at how difficult it is to tell the difference in build between the two. The USB door on the A6000 feels more solid and securely in place compared to the 7. Aside from the tri-navi controls, they feel pretty much identical in hand.

Others besides myself have also commented about the N7's cool, metallic construction vs the A6000's cheaper-feeling plastic. Take your cameras out on a cold day for an hour then put them to your face. One will feel cold and the other not.

The other thing for me personally is my major preference for the much smaller shape and handling of my NEX-5R. It's so shoot on-handed, even. It has a touch-screen. And I can removre the EVF to make the camera so small it will fit in my pocket. (with a small lens attached.) That is MY personal preference to which I am entitled.

I suppose people can happily comment on the differences between the two -- all I know is that when I pick up the two and handle them, the A6000 does not feel in any way cheaper or more poorly built than the NEX-7 in my hands.

I'm glad you like your 5R -- if it suits you, great! Having had the NEX-5, I'm not a fan of the form factor. Having a viewfinder without an array of tactile controls seems relatively pointless for me as it requires lifting your face away from the camera to operate the controls. I toted the A6000 for a weekend of shooting at a con and it held up admirably. The build quality happily stood up to supporting larger adapted SLR lenses and the much maligned lower resolution viewfinder was actually much more enjoyable to shoot with compared to the NEX-7.

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