NEX-7 EVF blink issue

Started Mar 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: NEX-7 EVF blink issue

I have this issue on an NEX-7 as well...and brought it to Sony Support's attention.

At first it was worrisome that something was going bad but Sony Support said there's no such problem with the NEX-7;

Then I studied the occurrences looking for any sort of association trend and realized I couldn't pin it down to any type of lens or accessory.

I also began to realize that at least it didn't seem to be causing any actual collateral problems;

And now its just annoying.


But even more annoying is Sony Support's insistence that there's no such problem when I've discovered there are multiple threads on various forums about this very problem for at as far back as 2012.

So I personally Emailed links to them about threads such as this and received a thank you reply so I know they received them.  Subsequently, if anyone discusses this problem with Sony and are told no such problem exists, you'll know they're either terribly uninformed at best...or worse, not being truthful.

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