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Re: More mp make for sharper Canon lenses.

Silverback1988 wrote:

OvinceZ wrote:

My anecdotal experience suggests that most Canon L lenses have plenty of room re resolution.


You do see more resolution from it when you are using 36 MP FF sensor (compare to 21 MP FF Canon) ? This is what my experience too, when using 18 MP APSC. I compare it with APSC crop from 5DII (21 MP --> 8 MP). The result is 18 MP APSC has more resolution. The lens is support that density, at least in the center of the lens. Can't say for the corner of the lens, since my 7D is using only the center of it.

Of course 36mp > 21mp to have more resolution. Of course your 7D will resolve more if you shoot from the same distance and unable to move closer such as in moon shot than your 5D2.

Telescope lenses (some are not expensive at all) at FL 2000 mm+ with max aperture F10 or more, can resolve moon surface lots better than Canon 500L with 2.0x TC and lots cheaper.  24mp NEX-7 can resolve more than 36mp A7R if you crop A7R photo to fit NEX-7's AOV.  But that doesn't mean NEX-7 is better than A7R, doesn't mean that cheapo telescope lens is better than 500L.

Resolution is one thing, sharpness and overall optical quality are other things. In wildlife photography, if I can move closer with 500L to fit the animals into FV sufficiently, I have no reasons to use TC especially with 2.0x TC that compromises IQ quite a bit. Birding photog will use 800L with or without 1.4x TC that outresolves 500L with 2.0x TC and noticeably sharper cropped to the same AOV.



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