Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

captura wrote:

Here's Marla? on the topic,

" Let’s talk build for a second. Build is a huge deal to me. I’m a long time NEX7 user and lover, and its full metal case has a very specific weight and feel in the hand, that is in no way equalled by the semi plastic construction of the N6, which feels too light, and a bit hollow, for my taste. The A7 was better, but not quite there. I hear the A7R is yet a bit superior, and very similar to the 6K. It makes sense, as I’d rate the latter at around 90 (or maybe 85%) of the N7′s sturdiness and tactile enjoyment."

I've written on the subject of functionality vs. cameras as status symbols.  In many areas plastic will serve as well as metal. Speaking of the NEX 7, while these bodies are still functional, specifications have moved on a bit since its design, particularly as affects IQ.  That is just the way of the world.  If you had to choose between a metal body and superior IQ, which would you choose?

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