Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

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Re: I did switch, and now I'm switching back.

jimkohn wrote:

It's interesting to see the differing assessments of the so called "objective" or measurable variables. Speed of autofocus, noise at high ISO, etc. Clearly there is no definitive answer on any number of these things.

As an amateur my priorities may be a little different. First and foremost is how likely I am to actually bring the camera along with me or just leave it home. It doesn't matter how good the camera is if I don't have it with me. So completely subjective variables, like how the camera feels in my hand, control layout, etc., come into play along with size, weight, form factor, etc. Second is catching the shot. Again, all the technical stuff doesn't matter if I fail to catch the shot, so that's where a cameras intuitive feel comes into play. Of course we get better with a camera the more we use it and we can get used to anything. But it seems that different cameras are better suited to different people for no particular technical reason. I agree with a lot of the previous comments suggesting spending as much time with the camera in your hands as possible before making a decision. I couldn't do that with the X-T1 because they were not in stock locally at the time. What I should have done is kept my E-M1 kit for a couple of weeks while I tried the X-t1. Amazon, B&H and others have liberal 30 day return policies for just this reason, I just failed to manage the process as well as I might have.

For me, there's another factor in deciding what is best:  which system do I have a huge financial investment in, where I find living with the deficiencies of the current system out weigh all the time and potential financial loss of selling the old system.

If one were to assume that both Panasonic/Olympus and Fujifilm are going to remain strong enough to keep cranking out new lens and bodies on a regular basis, it's clear to me that both systems will work out for most people's needs.

I think there are physics-based restrictions to the smaller sensors that will probably not be fully over-come, such as diffraction.  For decent glass, m43 16MP sensors wills show it past f/8 which would mean a 24MP sensor would start showing reduced sharpness due to diffraction beyond f/5.6 or so.

But, the advantages of smaller size/lower weight of small sensor mirrorless systems to me means I'm willing to live with higher quality glass to reach peek sharpness below the diffraction limit.

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