New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

Fredy Ross wrote:

I like the new focal width but not long enough.

Hmmm, I was thinking that I'd happily trade away the tele end in exchange for f/2.8 at the 70mm equivalent mark.  But looking at the chart that dpreview put up in its 2012 compact roundup, it appears that the RX100 is f/4 at 70mm equivalent.  So the new lens would be just 1 stop faster.

Now I'm not so sure which I'd prefer (the existing 1.8-4.9 or the shorter 1.8-2.8) if given the choice.  I also find the RX100s lens a bit short at times, and would prefer 28-140 equivalent.  Anything shy of 300mm equivalent is going to be short at some point ... but I had 28-140 on an old Canon and found that lens very satisfying.  The thing is, my RX100 is a pocketable alternative to my DSLR, so I'm happier with some compromises than if it were my primary camera.  Fast lens or not, I'm intrigued by the built in VF and tilting LCD that SAR claims it will have.  A couple nights ago, I was shooting into a sunset with EV -1.7 and having a really hard time seeing what I was shooting in the LCD.  A viewfinder would have helped.

- Dennis

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