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19andrew47 wrote:

I have a 27 inch monitor and find myself with my face inches from the monitor trying to see detail that can not be seen well in the size of the image posted in the first. That said, it is hard to judge the image. In this case the details are everything once the lighting and setting have been established. This is not a criticism of the image itself but I find I can not judge it at this size. I want to see more detail in the area of the head and can not. I imagine it is there in the image before resizing but hard to tell. The lighting seems a bit harsh on the face in the first but I think it likely isn't that it is a result of the resizing.

The detail is there : I wish I could send you a file by PM but I don't have them on this computer.

Upload to Zenfolio was 2400x2400 but embedded here only 850x850.

Original size is most often roughly the short side of the sensor squared, with minor crop.

Going to Zenfolio may show more, as it shows images at browser-window size.

Here (last ones in my Wed C&C gallery) : http://roelh.zenfolio.com/p775804748

And beware: intended use for these images is internet + small size print. Nothing intended to be blown up beyond A4.

The make up choices here may be what the planner likes but it adds to the harsh look for me. Again, nothing to do with your image. Lovely dress and a nice setting.

The make up and dress : well, that is a matter of choice in style. Indeed pretty bling-bling.

The resulting images should also be quite glamourous (in an overstated way).

Not so natural as what I would prefer for a "natural" woman portrait.

Our western brides are usually much more subtle, but this lavishness is what the look dictates.

I like the second. Very nice and shows more of the fine details in the dress. Again, I suspect this would be even more so in the unresized image. A good pose by the model to take attention away from the appearance of the model's face and allow the bride to be to imagine herself in that dress and setting. There are a few stray hairs here that should be dealt with.

I am afraid I lack the skill to eliminate a single stray hair against a detailed background.

But frankly, I have not much ambition to learn that skill. I don't mind a bit of imperfect reality.

Good point on the anonimity of the view, allowing brides to imagine themselves in that kind of dress and head decoration. I'll keep the downcast looks in final selection, to contrast with the big bright eyes surrounded by improbable lashes.


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