Birds in Flight, A6000, Wetlands...AF-C (55-210, DH1758)

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which lens is best (and why) for this kind of photo (bifs - action etc) between sony sel 18-200mm and sel 55-210mm ?

As Clearzoom mentioned, and what made the decision easier for me, was that the 55-210mm lens had just a touch more reach, was a little smaller and thinner, so easier to carry - but the biggest advantage for me was that the smaller 49mm threading allows the 55-210mm lens to easily attach teleextenders for more reach. The 18-200mm lenses all have a much larger end-glass diameter, and therefore a significantly larger filter thread - there would likely be very severe vignetting all the way up into the upper reaches of the zoom, and soft corners, with one of these converters attached to the 18-200s.

Both are good lenses. The 18-200 obviously has the wider end covered so it can be kept on as an all-purpose lens, while the 55-210mm is more of a telephoto only lens, but can add extenders for more reach...whichever serves your needs better!

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I dug up some information on the Olympus TCON-17 which seems to be the one used by former NEX enthusiasts.

Nex 6 w Sony 55-210mm w Olympus 1.7X - kgravett

"Used Sony Nex 6 with the Sony 55-210mm lens with the Olympus TCON-17, 1.7X teleconverter...."



I'm using the TCON as I was never able to get a DH1758. Now, I'm not nearly as talented as Justin and haven't tried BIF yet (will do once I have the A6000), but I have some "birds sitting" pics done with the SEL55210/TCON combo on a NEX6.

This one was subtly pped, can't recall the exact things I did:

I'm pretty sure the quality of the TCON is comparable to the DH1758, at least to my untrained eyes. It's definitely easier to get (still in production I'd say), which might be the deciding factor - it sure was for me.


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