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That could make it worse!

Simon Garrett wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

LMCasey wrote:

No, I don't see it.

So you have good (I mean better) monitor / hardware? I wonder what it is that makes me see it.

Is your monitor calibrated/profiled (e.g. with a ColorMunki, Spyder etc)?

If not, I recommend you do so. I use ColorMunki Display because it came out best in the reviews I read of cheaper colorimiter.

If so, try recalibrating. A poor calibration can result in posterisation.

First, it would be good to know which system this is being processed on.

Apple is limited to 8 bits per color, so a poorly "mis-calibrated" monitor when corrected by one of these calibration systems could skew that 8-bit curve enough that a portion of one or more color channels has some rather large steps between color values.

Intel hardware has the potential to use a higher number of bits in their color channels, but you really need to check.

Regardless of system, these calibration tools only change the software lookup tables that are associated with each color channel.  So they only approximate what should be a correct curve for that monitor.

In the case where the color depth per channel is limited to 8 bits it becomes only 256 steps for the full gamut range, which really isn't a lot.

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