Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

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Re: Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

dadaoftwo wrote:

I am a current EM5 owner, but have been reluctant to pay the premium for an EM1 as I don't consider it to be much of an upgrade - specifically, the lack of AF-C.

As my nickname suggests, I am a father of two, and have been really frustrated at not being able to take those photos of my kids running towards me with the delirious smile plastered all over their faces as only kids can when they're running. I've had to be content with taking running shots from the side as then I have more time to focus and manually track their lateral runs. But these shots are often disappointing as the smiles just aren't captured - any attempt at using AF-C (or C-AF) has been a disaster on my EM5!

But now comes the XT-1, and it's weather-sealed, and although lacking in stabilisation, Fuji has lenses which have OIS. But the biggest plus, a (seemingly) working AF-C function!

Is there anyone here who has switched camps from EM5 to any of the X-Series cameras? What other factors do I need to consider? The price points between the EM1 and XT-1 are quite similar too!

I have both systems, and I find myself shooting with the XT-1, then finding myself in situations where I wish that I had brought the EM-1 along with me as well.  I would rather just shoot with the Fuji XT-1 but I have a problem with the range of lenses that Fuji offers at this time as well as their flash.  I am leaning more towards the Fuji system as far as the quality of the images they produce, but I also like the EM-1 because of the different shoots that I have to do and the range of lenses that I have as well as the quality of flash that Olympus has for me to accomplish that task.  I can work with the flash that Fuji offer but not the range of lenses at this time.  Fuji is supposed to be coming out with a greater range of lenses and that may seal the deal as far as making up my mind as to which system I will end up with if not keeping both systems.  There have been times in which I have carried both systems out with me and kept them in the car just pulling out which ever setup I need at the time.

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