Panasonic G and GF Series no more?

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Re: Panasonic G and GF Series no more?

No point making lower tier mirrorless since it overlaps with the phone market

Sony Z1 has 20M sensor And we will swe iPhone with OIS, android with RAW output, APple has patents from add on lenses to their phone

M43 needs to focus on features and portability etc in order to survive

The GF series should go away, I do agree we need a smaller GH/DSLR type camera, it will probably be GH 5

Neve liked the G Series

Am I reading this correctly? You feel the g5/6 cameras are in the same class as cell phones? But the GH series are in a completely different league? Why? Because they are bigger? More video features?

My feeling is that if (and that's a big "if" because there are only rumors about sales figures of individual models) the g series hasn't sold well it is due to a changing market. The people buying cameras, at least mirrorless cameras have seemingly been programmed to think that a camera has to look like it was made 40 yrs ago. It has to be a rangefinder style or look like an on boxy film slr or it's just "cheap feeling" or "entry level" or "not compelling". Or any other of about a hundred things heaped on a camera made to be good from an ergonomic standpoint and a usability standpoint first rather than being designed around a certain "look" that happens to be popular at the moment.
The g body cameras, at least the g5 and g3 that I have used are excellent cameras. Handle great, not bigger or smaller than they need to be (g6 looked to be bigger for no reason though) are highly customizable with customer fn buttons. They are spec'd well without trying to be bleeding edge (should have had the newer sensor). And they offer a good user experience. But as a lot have said already, they supposedly didn't sell well. If that's true I believe it's simply because they are purposefully not trendy. Make no mistake, this retro slr and rangefinder genre is a trend. It will pass. There was a reason those cameras looked that way back in the 60s and 70s and it was not because the engineers wanted them to look "cool". It was the best they could do. They would have given anything to have the manufacturing techniques that can be used today, yet we're now getting more and more stuff that's just copying old stuff that's already been done.

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Constructive Criticism is always welcome, however please understand that I am not a pixel peeper.

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