Since Lightroom is so good, what do you use Photoshop for?

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Re: Since Lightroom is so good, what do you use Photoshop for?

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That said, I still bought LR because it is easier to tone down highlights and overly bright areas, and lighten shadows, without affecting the midtones much. This is much harder to do in Photoshop. Also the clarity and vibrance adjustments are excellent in LR and harder to achieve in Photoshop. I think the sharpness and noise reduction are also easier to do in LR than in PS.

Funny that this is the reason you bought LR, because that is definitely not true. Just use CameraRAW and you have the exact same capabilities in Photoshop. The LR Develop module is an exact copy of CameraRAW, with just minor differences in the interface.

I said I have Photoshop CS2. How can you possibly compare ACR 3 for CS2 with Lightroom 5.3? Totally absurd in my opinion.

You are the one who compares LR 5.3 with Photoshop CS2. I overlooked that fact and assumed you compared something that is comparable.

Or are you saying that I need to buy Photoshop CS6 for $999 dollars (on amazon right now since CS6 has been discontinued) to get ACR for CS6 to get an "exact" copy of LR 5.3's develop module? (I bought LR 5.3 for $79 which is a lot less than $999 in my book.)

I'm not saying that you need to buy anything, but because you made a statement about the differences between doing things in Lightroom versus doing it in Photoshop, I assumed you were comparing the latest version of both programs, because comparing the latest version of one program with an ancient version of the other is indeed absurd.

You totally do not understand the points I made in my first post in this thread. The fact that CS2 is an older version of Photoshop has nothing to do with the comparisons I made. Maybe other folks understand the points I was trying to make. If you don't, that's fine and we can leave it at that.

No problem,

It does have something to do with that, namely when you state the examples where Lightroom's Develop module does a better job than Photoshop. That only applies to older versions of Photoshop, compared with the latest version of Lightroom. I do understand your points however. I just missed the part where you said that you still use CS2. If you still use CS2, then it does indeed make sense to buy LR specificly for things like highlights, shadows, noise reduction. Point taken.

Now try to understand my point: If you use Photoshop CC or even CS6, there is little (CS6) or nothing (CC) in the Lightroom Develop module that justifies buying it, because that module is an exact copy of what you've already got in CameraRAW. So why do people use the combination LR 5 and Photoshop CC? Because of the other aspects of Lightroom: the DAM capabilities and the easier way you can adjust many images all at once. For most people the question is not 'when is Lightroom better than Photoshop?', but 'when do I switch from Lightroom to Photoshop?'. They use Lightroom as their starting point, and Photoshop only for things that Lightroom cannot do. BTW: That was also the question that started this thread in the first place.

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