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thedoctor1 wrote:

While I was there I picked up a lae4 and a couple of good lenses and can now see what this camera can really do so yes I do have a bit of a learning curve changing from Nikon to Sony and thats on of the reasons I did it now because I Have time before I'm going to be working on any projects.

Glad to hear it, the LA-EA4 definitely expands the capabilities of the camera considerably, especially in this time of transition (or of being a new system really). It works very well and with a couple decent lenses should treat you just fine. Remember you can use them on your A77 as well, so you should have a pretty useful 2 camera setup which should work fine for events etc.

I know you asked whether the LA-EA4 would be worth it over the 3 if you are using MF, well I am glad you got the 4m for the bit extra money at least you have AF when/if you need it. MF is fine and good for a great many things, but to have decent AF in your back pocket when you need it is VERY helpful.

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