I feel misled: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 II AF is SO SLOW!

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Re: Works absolutely fine for me

jimkohn wrote:

Here's another subjective two cents: on my brand new OMD-EM1 with a brand new copy of the lens, it works just as fast as any other fast prime I've owned.

I'd been watching this thread and wondering, because I had the lens before and never had any complaint regarding AF speed or anything else. But I wanted to wait until my new copy arrived with my new camera. Works great. Love it.

With this lens E-M1 doesn't make much difference comparing to other Olympus cameras. In C-AF mode it sometimes may focus with 20mm faster because of PDAF but the results are not very consistent. S-AF is probably safer to use, then the AF speed is the same as with E-PL5.

The whole debate about 20mm lens AF speed is probably because there are people who try to shoot action and people who only shoot static objects at slow pace.

If you are one of the latter, 20mm lens may have fast enough AF for you, especially in decent light. But then, manual focus lens would probably be good enough for you too. I just don't get why people who don't shoot action and can't provide comparison participate in such debates.

It's all about comparison with other lenses when shooting action. By action I mean moving or running children, for example.

Lenses like 17mm F1.8 and Pana 25mm F1.4 will focus much faster than 20mm F1.7 even in decent light. In low light 20mm will just suck big time not only comparing to these but also to 45mm F1.8 and even Oly 14-42mm IIR kit zoom when it can focus.

But, if you are only shooting semi-static subjects you will never see that. I think this has been stated in this forum in many threads, one just needs to use a search.

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