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Re: New Sandhill, squirrel etc...

Ron Evers wrote:

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

I was out in the rain for a while today and got this guy ...

Squirrel hiding behind two spruce branches. Small area focus.

I tried the AF-S + Manual Assist on some grackles but it is very sensitive on long shots, eh? I need practice.

Got a bit closer to the Sandhills:

120 meters. If I can get into 100 meters in good light I hope to get a "proper" photograph!

In the meantime I can practice on this sort of stuff in the rain ....

A week of wet windy wx is forecast. Difficult to get those birdies before they move off to their nests. But we can be thankful that we are NOT getting the catastrophic wx that our friends in the SE USA are getting.


Tom, you are having some problems with white balance. The shot of the Red squirrel is way too blue (cold) & the shot of the Sandhill likewise.

Thanks Ron, That (above) version of the squirrel has the WB bumped up to 4267 from the 3800 default.

Here is the squirrel RAW OOC with default settings in LR5.3, AWB set on GH2:

Lightroom default gives a WB of 3800

Auto WB in Lightroom gives a WB of 4700 (Tint +30) Which looks pretty good to my (aged) eyes.

I have been in the habit of adjusting WB manually.   I'll try the Lightroom presets including "Auto" for a while to educate my eyes.  I should shoot a grey card for a while also.

I shot a Sandhill very late (dark) this afternoon using AWB on the GH2.  The OOC Lightroom WB "As Shot" was 3550.  The "Auto" in Lightroom gave 4450, this:

I suspect that the best WB is a little cooler than the above.

This has been a good  review for me.  I changed my "computer glasses" recently.  They have a warmish tint to them which has resulted in messing up my "eyeball" sense of WB. 

Thanks a lot, Ron!

Try to get the focus box on the eyes if possible, methinks the focus falls behind the eyes on the squirrel.

Agree!  I was having a devil of a time getting that camera reasonably motionless at that speed, whilst cranking the MF assist to get a fine focus.   PRACTICE!


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The wood is clear between the knots.

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