Sigma 35 or 24-105 ART for Cuba?

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Re: Sigma 35 or 24-105 ART for Cuba?

digitalphotographer wrote:

gotompoes wrote:

digitalphotographer wrote:

3. D800E + Sigma 24-105mm ART (potentially outresolved by camera), RX1R as backup 35mm

4. Df + Sigma 24-105mm ART (definitely not outresolved by camera), RX1R as backup 35mm

Your feedback is welcomed, my pre-trip jitters are not helping me think clearly.

Option 4 would be my choice. RX1R beats in my opinion the D800E + Sigma 35 combination in IQ but not in AF. Option 3 is pretty close.

Thank for the feedback. I know RX1(R) is pretty special but do you really think its 24MP Zeiss f2 can best Nikon's 36MP D800E+Sigma 35mm?

I don't mind the slower AF.

For IQ the RX1(R) is by all accounts very good, but it wont beat the d800E sigma combo. It is very difficult to measure like for like here but basically both take really excellent IQ shots at their native resolution which hardly require pp sharpening, but the simple resolution advantage of the nikon will mean that it would have the advantage when downsized to 24mp, or higher acuity than the RX1R upsized to 36mp.

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