Which one is more compact, FF or smaller sensor ...

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Which one is more compact, FF or smaller sensor ...

When we are traveling, many of us prefer compact size. Often we give up either lens range or DOF control.

Here the question ...

If the condition of the system is  24 - 120 mm  f/4 - 8 (in 35mm equivalent), just like on the G1X mark II,

Which one that has the potential to be more compact ?

a) 35mm FF sensor, with 24-120 mm f/4-8      ISO 100

b) APSC sensor, with 15-75 mm f/2.5-5          ISO  40

c) Four third,  with 12-60 mm f/2-4               ISO  25

d) G1x mark II, with its lens, which offer the same range, same DOF.

e) 1/1.7 inch sensor with 5-25 mm f/1-2       ISO 2  (I think this is impossible to make, so skip it)

All the system above offer the same range and DOF control.

Smaller system have lower ISO, so it will make shooting wide open is no problem.

If the lower ISO is impossible, it can be substituted with built in ND to match it.

Consider all of them is has the same resolution.

So what do you think, which one is likely the most compact ?

How about the battery life, will the smallest sensor has the advantage ?

If specific working hour is given, (say 2 hour or something) of continues shooting in live view,

Will the smallest sensor (in this case Four third / G1x) need smaller battery in size, thus make the advantage for the camera to be more compact in size ?



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