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500L photo of the Moon with 2XIII.

Lots of people making comments. I go by what I have seen in the photos I have taken. I got the 2XIII tele-extender and tried it on my 60D. The 1.4 was fine but I didn't use the 2XIII after seeing the results. Now with the Sony cameras with more Mp I find the 2XIII works well with the 500L.

Here is a Moon photo taken this month in the Southern Hemisphere. The Moon was almost directly overhead in Sydney at the time I took the photo. I used the Sony A7R with 500L and 2XIII tele-extender giving 1000mm. I am pleased with the detail. I choose the photo taken at 1/800 second because the lighter photos tend to wash out some of the detail. The dark photos respond to processing much better.

The photo was put through Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop. Then Dynamic Contrast in Perfect Effects to bring out more contrast. No sharpening was applied and no noise reduction. There was a green halo surrounding the Moon and some of that colour is near the bottom of the photo.

Posted here at full size and resolution but of course cropped from the original to remove the black surroundings.

Those with Canon cameras are welcome to post what you have taken with the same lens and tele-extender.


Sony A7R with 500L plus 2XIII extender.  f/8  1/800  ISO 100

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