Replacement for 7D?

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The 70D is a very good replacement for the 7D. I picked up my 7D on sept 30 2009 (day 1 for the 7D) and loved it. Then when the 70D was available I picked up one as a backup to the 7D. After one month with both I sold the 7D. I found the focus to be more consistent and the 70D does not have the low ISO noise/pattern noise in shadows that the 7D has. At 7fps there is not a large difference in speed but the larger buffer on the 7D is nice. The loss of the joystick was a pain for a few weeks.

While the 70d only has one Digic5+ compared to the 2 Digic4's in the 7D, the Digic5+ is what 16 times faster than the Digic4. I really dont think the 70D is lacking for HP.



Having shot the 70D for some time now, I agree. It is is a very capable camera.

To the OP, the 70D will shoot 20 RAW frames until buffer full, to clarify.

Unless DPreview is wrong, the 70D will shoot 11 RAW, 17 JPG, or 7 RAW + JPG.

The 7D will shoot 25 RAW, 130 JPG, or 17 RAW + JPG.

That said, the 70D is no slouch and has plenty of new features etc. to recommend it. The fact that the 7D's buffer specs are better does go to show how all-out Canon went with their flagship APS-C camera at the time though.

It's indeed inaccurate.

The 70D does 20 full RAW frames at 7 FPS in 3 seconds (until buffer full), and then 2 FPS after that indefinitely. I've verified this with my own 70D.  There are also videos on YouTube if you do a search.


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