SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

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Re: SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

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I don't think that the SL1 is any less capable than the T5i as a primary camera. They are both less capable than the 70D, but they are basically equal. Each has small advantages over the other.

On paper they may look quite similar, but that swivel screen really opens up new possibilities for shooting angles. I just love it, and now feel incredibly constrained when shooting a camera that doesn't have one (ie Canon 6D).

My FZ200 has a swivel screen and I never use it.

No worries. I can't force you to use the feature if you don't feel it's beneficial to you. However I certainly enjoy using the swivel screen (esp when shooting people) and also find that it really enhances the creative side of the photographic process with many kinds of shooting.

The pro cameras don't have a swivel screen and pro photographers somehow get great photos with a fixed screen.

Nonsense.  I have quite a few pro friends that I shoot with, and none of them ever uses that argument.  In fact, to a man (and women!) they very easily recognize the utility of this feature, especially when they see the photos I shoot.

Another feature that I take complete advantage of is the faster 5 FPS vs the 4 FPS in the SL1. In fact, one of the main reasons I never bought a Rebel previous to the T4i was the slow frame rate. I shoot bursts a lot, not only for BIFs and Sports, but also in low light (ala "Poor Man's Image Stabilization"). One FPS may not seem like a lot when simply looking at the spec, but in actual shooting it makes quite a difference (more so than going from say 7 FPS to 8).

If you need 5 fps to get a good photo while 4 fps doesn't do it then you are doing something wrong.

Sounds like you simply do not know the difference.  It's OK if you want to continue shooting at 4 FPS (doesn't affect me in the least).  I'll continue at 5 FPS and reap the additional benefits.  My experience is that 5 is better than 4, and my keeper rate reflects that.

What frame rate do you think Ansel Adams or NG photographers of 30 years ago used?

LOL.  By your very argument, everyone should still be shooting film then?!  Come on.

Technology can be used to help us become better photographers.  Just because you don't use a certain feature doesn't mean that it's not important to others.

And speaking of low light, when the built-in flash is needed, the 700D's is twice as powerful.

True, but if you want to get the best flash photos you will use an external flash.

True.  It's what I use and what I espouse.  But of course some folks still find the built-in flash very useful.  Can you imagine the uproar if Canon eliminated the built-in flash on all of their cameras?!!  It's still very popular even if you personally snub it.

By the way, how powerful is the built in flash on the 7D or 1Dx?

A lot less powerful than the one on the 700D that's for sure    .

Look, the OP's daughter does not fit into your Pro category (at least not yet), so don't push the "Pros don't need it so you don't either" argument on them.  It's a disservice.

A useful feature is a useful feature.  The smart people will recognize this and use it to the best of their ability.

These aren't merely cosmetic differences like the size of a grip or differences in control layout. I contend that these features (or lack of) will actually affect how and what someone shoots, and the results they will see.

I guess that's why pro photographers can't shoot great photos without the above T5i features.

Here's that same tired old argument again.  No need to get so defensive about your SL1.  The T5i is simply a more capable camera.  You made your choices, no prob.

In fact I might end up getting something like it at some point in the future (but only if it gets the new Dual Pixel sensor).  However even then it'll still be a "second" to my main DSLR.

Hey, you need only check my galleries (in my sig) to see where I'm coming from.


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