SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

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Abu Mahendra wrote:

Abu Mahendra wrote:

Abu Mahendra wrote:

Some pix from the M to thicken the plot...the first one would not be possible with the SL100 for it is at 11mm with IS.

The 11-22mm f4-5.6 EOSM lens isn't available here, but the EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 fits right on the SL1 (and the EOSM with the adapter).

Yes, but it is more expensive, heavier, bigger than the EF-M 11-22, and it lacks IS and STM.

I am very interested in the EF-M 11-22, it seems like it might help to overcome the speed limitation of the M.

Have you tried using BBF and just zone focusing?

Does the focus by wire and lack of distance scale make this method seem less useful?

Does the focus point change after turning it off and back on?

I have not zone focused the 11-22, but I do know that the hyperfocal distances wide at f4 and long at f5.6 are 1.6m and 2.6m, respectively. I also know that the corners are sharp wide open, and I have posted images here proving it, rather than asking people to take my words for it.

The focus point does not change when turning off and on the camera.

Thanks, the focus remaining constant when power is switched is useful. When shooting with an ultrawide, I am often shooting landscape and once set don't need to refocus much.

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