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Oh boy I said the same thing in another thread and my head almost got chewed off LOL.

It definitely has a lower build quality compared to all other NEX, except the 3N. It 's roughly the same build as the 3N, same plain plastic finish.

But the A6000 is made out of mag-alloy, not plastic.

It is not, Sony removed that part of the marketing. There may have been some preproduction models that were but it isn't now. The shell is poly/plastic/composite and supported at least in part by a metal infrastructure/frame.

Just curious where the actual facts are on this, rather than Sony pulling the reference in their video.

The facts? On which part?

Its not difficult to see the unpainted underside of the front/back plates, port/battery cover, and grip. The top plate could be I guess but based on unscientific acousitics/ thermal properties/feel compared to the obviously metal parts (flash/LCD hinge, dials, mount surround, screws, metal substructure) that is pretty unlikely.

As for the metal substructure you can open the battery compartment and see the grip is fully supported and a plate continues across the back.

All that said I have no problem with the build quality at all.

My point being, nobody really knows exactly what the build composition of the A6000 is.

Until someone tears one apart or Sony publishes a cutaway or something, what do we really know, and what difference does it make? A paper thin aluminum skin in front of the very same metal and other parts inside doesn't make much difference to me, at least. I know having a metal top plate on my NX300 doesn't give it a better quality feel than my new A6000.

THAT SAID, if you find a worn Leica M9 or an older all-metal film camera from the 60's, they tend to 'brass' around the edges and that's kind of cool - but we're talking very old, or very expensive. Pretty much everything else these days is a super thin skin over a tight tangle of innards.

Metallic objects, like the NEX-5 & NEX-7 feel cool to the touch. Plastic objects ( A5000, A6000, NEX-3) feel warmer less solid and subjectively less pleasant. I am amazed that you don't know that. Even a 10 year old can differentiate between the two, by touch and feel.

1). Painted aluminum can rapidly assume ambient temperature. Some alloys are more or less resistant to heat exchange, it depends on composition.

2). Plastics are not created equal. Polymers and various other composite materials can have radically different weight, durability and appearance. Indeed, 'less pleasant' would be an entirely subjective interpretation, here.

3). I am being entirely civil, if not bobbing my head in fervent agreement. There was absolutely zero provocation for your 10 year old comment (the irony of which is not subtle).

NOT meaning to be rude. Dealing with frustration because if you would only choose to personally examine an A6000 you would immediately realize that this thing has a plastic body. Why do I even bother?

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