X-T1 - No 100% zoom in raw playback?

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Re: X-T1 - No 100% zoom in raw playback?

photoreddi wrote:

I'm surprised that you'd say this. The size of the embedded JPEGs has nothing to do with whether the camera is a P&S, a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. It's dependent only on the firmware that determines the resolution of the embedded JPEGs.

Edit: Maybe when you said "I was referring to mirrorless" you meant that you were talking about the ones you've had personal experience with, not mirrorless cameras in general, so maybe we agree about this point. When I first read what you wrote I may have 'assumed' incorrectly. If so, take this into account in the next two paragraphs since I don't want to have to edit them to take my revised assumption into account.

I was talking only about either the embedded JPEGs or the size and compression of the 'extra' JPEGs when saving RAW+JPEG. JPEGs aren't saved using lossless compression so you were referring to a camera's RAW options, but what I wrote had nothing to do with whether the RAW files are saved with no compression, lossless compression, lossy compression, even 12-bit vs. 14-bit. Nikon's NEF previews are 100% only because (as I wrote) the embedded JPEGs are full resolution.

Nikon will eventually replace their DSLRs with compatible mirrorless cameras, and I'd be willing to bet that they'd still allow 100% previews. Actually, many of Nikon's DSLRs zoom in a step beyond 100%, where four of the LCD's pixels are used to represent one image pixel. I'm not sure if this would be called 200% or 400%. The entry level DSLRs may not allow zooming in to 100% though. Maybe some Olympus or Panasonic owner can chime it to let us know whether their RAW embedded JPEGs have enough resolution to allow viewing 100% in-camera.

Let me speak in specifics, rather than generalities.  The dSLRs I've had and still own, all Nikons, had 100% previews.  And the size of the NEF files, in MB per Mpxl were quite reasonable with lossless compression. This seemed to be a feature of dSLRs, but mine are older and only 12 mpxl, and perhaps this doesn't apply to later models with more pixels.

The two brands of mirrorless I've owned, Sony and Fuji, didn't / don't have 100% preview, so I assumed that this was a mirrorless trend, but I may have been wrong. But this is a Fuji forum, and it does seem to apply to all the X cameras.

My concern about increasing the embedded thumb is that the size of the RAF is already quite large - for the latest X trans cameras it's about 2Mb / megapixel.  This compares to 1Mb / Mpxl for the Nikon and Sony. The Nikon can achieve this with lossless compression; I'm not so sure about Sony NEX, as there are claims it is lossy.

While I'd like 100% previews, I wouldn't want Fuji to do this without also giving us lossless compression for the RAFs. Without this, I'm suspect that I'm better off shooting RAF+JPG.  Doing so is probably going to fill up the memory card faster than a RAF with a 100% preview (I'm assuming the extra JPG is larger than the increase in the RAF file size by embedding a 100% preview), but at least I can delete the JPGs later.  If the RAF size increased even more I'm stuck with the increased RAF size indefinitely.

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