Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

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Re: Rent a camera

TimStir wrote:

I don't need a D800, I want it it!

But the D600 doesn't cut it - if I am spending any kind of money I want better focusing, better metering, better body and maintaining the pixel density of the D7000. The D610 is a big step down for wildlife.

DXO lens scores are also a little tricky to understand. They incorporate the transmission T-stop in their scores so scores can be modulated by camera independent factors. Wide open most lenses wont resolve much more than the D600 but stopped down a little they will. Beyond this it is really the DX crop that is of most interest for wildlife work - I can see plenty more detail in the 16MP D7000 than in my 12MP D90 so the 10.5MP from the D600 is going to be significantly less.

If it wasn't for the desire for a high pixel density for wildlife then the D600 would be more interesting, but it still is not improving focusing or metering beyond the D7000.

Thanks for the comprehensive response.

If you want the D800, just buy it... you already have "emotionally"

For mine, I went with the D600 and the D7100 for around the same money as a D800... so my "crop mode" is a mere 24 MPX on the D7100.How does that compare to the D800?

The AF is just fine and the burst rate is 6 frames per second. The D800 cannot match that IMHO... especially if I add in the fact that there is a 1.9X (1.5 DX x 1.3 CF = 1.95 X over FX ) effective crop factor capability in the D7100 at 15 MPX! When you compare that to the full pro D4S 16 MPX it doesn't look too shabby.

Further, the D7100 is easily the "cheapest" way to get high quality "extra reach". For example, it converted my 300 F4 into a 450 F4 for around a grand... and without the extra size and weight penalty of a "big prime"... and the cost!  And that becomes a F4 570mm when the D7100 is in 15 MPX crop mode!

Not to mention the advantages of a "back up" body and a two camera solution in certain circumstances.

As to DxOMark, I don't trust their "special sauce lens review" scores per se either, but I do believe they produce the "best" camera sensor performance information. Therefore the relative performance of the same lenses compared on different sensors is totally valid.

When you buy your new D800, as surely you should, I would like to see some of your work... happy shooting!

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