New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Big upgrade with video

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

dpr4bb wrote:

jintoku wrote:

Same here. I have no problems handholding the RX100 at 1/30 at wide angle - but the kids I'm often taking a picture of don't stay still for that long. Minimum shutter speed would help with that.

Why don't you shoot in M mode with Auto ISO?

That's the other problem with the RX100 cameras. There is no auto-ISO in the M mode! Auto-ISO in the M mode would be a more-than-acceptable work-around, especially if you could also dial in an exposure compensation.

Yup! no Auto ISO in M on the RX100 or the RX100M2.

It would actually be ok if it were an option.

No fear though, while sony is known to not really update firmware unless its crucial, they've also been known to put new softare updates into its newest models. Their newer models all have auto ISO in M, so it is acceptable to assume the next RX will have it as well!

I hope you're right. The new A6000 is great in this respect. Even at the widest end with the 16-50mm kit lens, the minimum shutter-speed with auto-ISO is 1/60. It also has auto-ISO in the M mode with exposure compensation. But it still doesn't let you dial in a minimum shutter-speed for auto-ISO in the A and P modes, which would be my first choice. With auto-ISO in the M mode, you still need to keep a close eye on the light meter, so you don't get over-exposed shots if the ISO setting bottoms out.

The other issue with the 1/30 minimum shutter-speed is that it prevents you from confidently handing your camera over to a third party for a quick snapshot. There is a very decent chance to get blurred shots. I think 1/60 is a much better choice for a full-auto mode.

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