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Re: More mp make for sharper Canon lenses.

OvinceZ wrote:

I have 2 5DII and a 60D that I don't use any more. Why? Well, the Sony A7R pretty much retired my 5DIIs, and my NEX7 retired my 60D completely. Resolution was one reason but I can also focus both Sony cameras via the viewfinder using focus peaking and magnified view. I can also check results via the viewfinder. I have less OOF photos these days.

I found that some of the lenses I didn't use such as 17-40 and 400mm were sharper than I thought when used with the A7R. I can also use the 2XIII tele-extender with the Sony cameras. Very pleased with the results. I didn't go beyond 1.4 with my Canon cameras.

My anecdotal experience suggests that most Canon L lenses have plenty of room re resolution.


Sony camera only to be used with Canon and other make lenses? (ha)

Retired Canon with Sorry A7R and NEX? (haha)

Didn't go beyond 1.4x extender with Canon? (hahaha)

I don't know your keyboard typing mindset,  buy I do know your photography skill didn't go beyond beginner.

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