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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

Now that I've received my A6000, my observation from playing around with it at lunch is that it is indeed a polycarbonate outer shell. I have found a few mold seams that are characteristic of bare "plastic" rather than painted/powdercoated/anodized metal.

This both confirms my prior understanding of the camera (I had initially thought it to of an alloy shell, and then eventually came around to the improbability of that) and reinforces my decision to acquire the A6000 in black, which is ironically the same rationale I used for acquiring the mostly-metal 5N in silver, and the same for my mountain bike componentry: a surface finish closest to the base material in color is going to be the one that shows wear least over time, esp with the relatively sharp-edged styling of the A6000 body.

(I'm sure they built the silver A6000 with a gray polycarbonate shell to this same end... but bare black material without a surface finish to wear off is undoubtedly going to be show wear the least.)

I don't quite get the idea that people have equating a metal build with quality and durability. I received plenty of dings on the metal shells of my silver e-mount lenses (from being mostly cosmetic), and the cast magnesium shell of FDA-EV1S (optional viewfinder) broke an attachment "ear" to the finishing piece that the eyecup attaches to. So I've got no illusions; metal means nothing if it isn't well designed and executed, same goes with polycarbonate.

There is nothing so far to suggest that the polycarbonate shell of the A6000 is anything but competently designed with an eye toward function first (which is my preference).

Edit: I take back what I said about being sure it was polycarbonate.  Closer examination of other parts of the construction has made me unsure about my original assessment.  Screw it, I'm going shooting with the thing.

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