Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: "Build Quality" is almost crazy topic

well, nowadays composite or plastic bodies are sturdy enough, and the A6000 for instance will perhaps outlive the user. but the thing is, a metal (mag-alloy) body housing feels better into your hands "cold touch", but you can't have it all for that money today, i'd say - a great sensor, blazing fast AF, *and* a full magnesium alloy shell for the A6000 asking price. I remember my old NEX-5 (not R, N or T) is made of metal, unlike the NEX-3 at their time, which was "plastique phantastique".

the point is, with lenses for instance, metal makes much more sense than a camera case, i believe i could use my old mf lenses, and even in 10-20+ years perhaps the rubber zoom rings could be worn, but the paint will stay intact, and so is the barrel, etc...looking like new, whereas a plastic lens body would get worn much easily, looking used, paint went off, etc....but someone will never know how long the built-in AF hypersonic motor will, that's also an issue...a old mf lens could be passed onto the next generation, and even the one after that...if carefully handled, and still looking new and working great..

for example, the A7 which is "full frame" does have, as we all know a plastic front plate, unlike the A7R and A7S. does it make it a worse camera? of course not..but there is still a bit of bad feeling, because Sony didn't made it out of full metal for the given price.

back into the 50-70's, Cameras, SLRs have been mostly made out of metal, and never being upgraded that fast like in today's fast times - "new sensor, better lowlight ability, AF, etc, etc..." it was simply "analogue" and there was no need to upgrade that fast..the technique was relative simple, but proven, mostly mechanical, and just working.

so, into the end - it would of course feel better, if utopistic my A3000 Body would have been made out of mag-alloy, but it wouldn't beside the haptics not make it a better camera.

and finally, last but not least - the build quality concern and topic here is almost becoming insane.

happy shooting, and always good light...


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