New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Big upgrade with video

SHood wrote:

technic wrote:

SHood wrote:

dpr4bb wrote:

SHood wrote:

According to comments by the admin at Sonyrumors the Video will be a lot better. My guess is full sensor readout like the RX10.

"yes it has a lot better video. More about it as soon as I have the full specs"

This was from 4 hours ago so we should see the full specs very soon.

That is great news, if true. Now, if they would only do something about that 1/30 minimum shutter speed...

I am surprised that wasn't fixed with the RX100M2. Since the RX10 has the same issue we may still have to deal with it.

IS is usually related to the lens mechanism, so one can hope they changed it in the new lens. Even better if you can set the minimum shutter speed yourself

Yes, aperture priority with min. shutter speed would be the ideal solution. I am more interested in capturing people movement so basing the shutter speed solely on focal length would be of no use for these situations.


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