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woof woof
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Re: It's your fault I'm afraid....

windwolf wrote:

I think my main problem is I have relied so much on auto this and that I have forgotten the old days of photography.As long as I can change my ISO and shoot in AP I should be ok I was just concerned about the concerts I shoot and having a high enough shutter speed wow need to start being a photographer again but thats a good thing, there is always positive out of things.

One good thing with the A7 is that you can use manual lenses in shutter priority mode.

I normally use aperture priority but when the light levels drop and the shutter speed falls I switch to shutter priority and dial in the shutter speed I want. As long as you have auto ISO selected the camera just floats the ISO up and down to match the aperture and shutter speed you've set.

It's simple and effective.

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