Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

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Re: Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

As a new forum member, I haven't yet asked a question such as, "What lenses would be useful in Japan?", but I'm happy that others DO ask such questions. I'd rather hear advice from multiple people with real-life experience than rely on my own "imagination" about lenses I might not be aware of and places I've never been.

And as for searching for the answer, I agree that that's the way to start, but it appears as though search here is implemented in such a way that a search for "best lenses for Japan" would produce mountains of comments responding to comments that mention that a certain lens is best because it was made in Japan.

When the search does yield a hit, you get the benefit of old advice. A photographer who once recommended Lens X but has long since sold it and begun using Lens Y, which he found much better in practice, goes on recommending Lens X to anyone who can manage to find the old thread in the search engine.

I'd rather have the benefit of current opinions about currently available options. Something I hadn't "imagined" could save me LOTS of money or significantly improve my results on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

I hope those questions keep coming. If there comes a time when I don't think I'll personally learn anything new from a particular thread, I'll just skip over it. If I reach a point where I don't think I'm learning much from ANY of the threads, I might take a break and read other forums for a while, but I'll come back eventually as long as there are still new threads appearing with the latest ideas about the old questions.

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