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New Sandhill, squirrel etc...

Ron Evers wrote:

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Ron Evers wrote:

But it IS possible to dig in for hidden birds using the smallest area focus of the GH2, just more difficult ...

I do not know if you have it on your camera but I use S-AF + MF & that helps a lot when encountering AF not getting the target as in your shot above. When the AF is confused by branches or other, I can just turn the focus ring to lock onto the subject as seen below.

EXCELLENT ADVICE. I could've easily done that above and also with the Trumpeter Swan.

Click View Original Size.

Bunny in the brush.

I like those kind of shots, much more interesting than the typical "zoo" shots that almost look posed!

I think that I'll be using that technique a lot. It is much more accurate than trying to find an open spot the same distance as the target. Good stuff.


Sometimes the small focus box works. This shot I took yesterday was through brush between me & the chippy but I found a window through it & using the small focus box got the shot without resorting to manual focus. Most of the near brush just disappeared from the shot.

Click View Original.

Back-lit Chippy

Good one.  Nice back lighting. Thanks.

I was out in the rain for a while today and got this guy ...

Squirrel hiding behind two spruce branches.   Small area focus.

I tried the AF-S + Manual Assist on some grackles but it is very sensitive on long shots, eh?  I need practice.

Got a bit closer to the Sandhills:

120 meters.  If I can get into 100 meters in good light I hope to get a "proper" photograph!

In the meantime I can practice on this sort of stuff in the rain ....

A week of wet windy wx is forecast.  Difficult to get those birdies before they move off to their nests.  But we can be thankful that we are NOT getting the catastrophic wx that our friends in the SE USA are getting.


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