Fuji XT-1 and Lee Big Stopper

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Re: Fuji XT-1 and Lee Big Stopper

Excellent! I just ordered some LEE Seven5 stuff and can't wait to try them out when they arrive. Two questions:

Do you use a CPL with the LEE system? I use a Hoya or BW CPL for my lenses. Does it play well with the LEE system? I supposed you put on the CPL first, and then the LEE system (no weird lens error, vignetting, etc.)? I don't really want to order a square polarizer since I find screw-on CPL more convenient, but with the LEE holder, it's hard to adjust.

How long was the exposure time? I read that the Big Stopper can take too long during sunrise/sunset time when the light is already low, and the new Little Stopper (6-stop) might be more appropriate. I ordered both and will see how it goes.


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