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Re: Raging mad A7

First off this is to Richard I dont have anger management issues and you don't have to be rude. If you would have read what I said you would have saw that I was frustrated and NOT mad,  I mentioned that I was disabled and was basically a little nervous about my purchase.Now it's my mistake maybe in the way I explained it but you don't have the right to get personal sorry if my typing  is bad and my photography speaks for itself.

I came to this site for help and most people did  so please dont criticize that's not whyI came here.

I took a lot of the advice I received and went to the larger photos tore here and did research and found I did make a good decision. While I was there I picked up a lae4 and a couple of good lenses and  can now see what this camera can really do so yes I do have a bit of a learning curve changing from Nikon to Sony and thats on of the reasons I did it now because I Have time before I'm going to be working on any projects.

So  thanks to all the advice you all have given  me and  let's see where I can go with it.


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