Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: 'Looks low budget'--?

pixelpushing wrote:

Sabud wrote:

I have the NEX5 / 5N, Richo GR, X-T1 and you are right. the a6000 looks and feel like a low budget camera. But I think it's all right, why over do it when most of them vill be upgraded within 2-3 years.

Just curious, what exactly makes it 'look' like a 'low budget camera'..?

The grade or weight of composite materials can vary, as (obviously) with personal impressions, but what makes a camera like this look cheap..?

It,s my personal opinion. I like the painted metal finish on the NEX6 / 7 and the metal triggers. The `boxy´ a6000 feels a kind of cheap and I have a feeling that the camera is more plastic than before. We vill see when `inside´ pictures will be available. Below the NEX6.

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