New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

technic wrote:

Agree as well; 24-100 would have been better but if they improved the corner quality I'm happy with 24-70.

Of course I'm now extra-curious what the Nikon P8000 is going to offer (tilt screen, EVF?), how much bigger / heavier it is (similar aperture but much longer tele range) and how the image quality compares between the two. Let's hope we hear more from Nikon soon

Remember the Panny LX3 from 6 years ago (24-60mm f/2.0-f/2.8)? RX100-3 has slightly better lens spec and a MUCH bigger sensor

Yes, I remember the LX3, and was wondering when we were going to see a manufacturer again resist the temptation of more zoom to bring us the brightest lens possible in the smallest package. It looks like this could be it.

To me, 24-70mm is the PERFECT range in this regard. 70mm is just enough as a portrait focal length, and 24mm gives you the wider angle when the current 28mm is not quite enough. My only concern, as other have stated, is that it remains fast until at least 28mm. Hopefully the new lens design accomplishes this.

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