Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

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Re: Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

xtm wrote:

Soooo we complain when people take pics of their cats at home, and when they actually decide to go out and travel, we complain about that too. It's a great world we live in.

Isn't that what Internet forums are for? To bitch, complain and moan about each others' posts.

Although I do have to agree with the OP. I never understood why people need advice on what lenses to take to France. Would it be any different if you went to Italy or Australia or Korea? And is it such a difficult decision? Are these the people who had their clothing laid out for them every morning by their moms until they were 18?

Maybe I'm overly confident in my lens picking ability. Now that I think about it, I took my 21, 35 and 105 lenses when I went to Hawaii. Left the 50 at home. Did I screw up? I should have taken the 50! Only if I would have asked the self-appointed collective of photographic experts on DPR before I left! To think of all the shots I missed because I didn't take my 50 with me. The HORROR!

I think I'll start a new thread: "What lenses should I have taken to Hawaii?"

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