Sony a6000 Build Quality

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"Build Quality" is almost crazy topic

Almost the entire topic of "build quality" as based on personal opinion is a crazy topic because the most important test of build quality is a drop test and all the things that people on this forum associate with high build quality (metal construction in particular) may make a camera more likely to fail, or be correlated in unpredictable ways with the outcome of such a test.

Cameras are dropped all the time.  It is the major hazard to which they are subject.  If someone told me that a particular all plastic body that felt like a crib toy had a 3x greater probability of surviving a drop test with its electronics intact because it transmits less shock compared to magnesium, then that is the body I want.  But, no one knows, other than the manufacturers who don't publish their drop test results.  There is not the slightest bit of evidence presented, amidst all this opinion, that plastic bodies are less durable or less protective of function than metal.

I consider the whole subject to be as objective and as important as personal preference for the distribution of chrome on car exteriors.

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