A camera is just a camera.

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There's the rub.

A camera is an artistic tool (or documentary tool, if making a record is the primary thrust of an image) that allows for a very specific way of expressing one's perspective.  In the purest sense of the term, without manipulation that attempts to exaggerate color or brightness for the sake of visual impact or outright alteration, a photograph expresses reality in the purest way humans have as yet found to recreate what they actually see.

That is both the truth and the lie of a photograph:  the assumption of absolute honesty and truth that a photograph affords itself by taking the light presented to a lens and recording it as-is also creates the momentum in the observer's mind leading them to forget everything the photograph changes or omits.  We see an image, it looks real, and suddenly everything within the photograph loses the context of its surroundings without a similar correction taking place in our brains that might lend some balance to that fact.  In other words, the photograph makes us forget the reality in which the subject exists.  That could take the form of light, surroundings, or even sensory input other than visual.

So yeah, a camera is just a means to an end, but it is a very unique way to express oneself artistically.  I tell my friends that I enjoy photography because I get to tell lies with the truth.  It isn't only what one sees in the photograph but also what the cultural reputation photographs have that sets them apart from other artwork.  That's why I'm not a huge fan of extreme manipulation, because then you're advertising to people how full of crap you are.

Hollander wrote:

First of, I'm not a technical person at all. For that reason I find myself left out in the cold when it comes to debating the pros and cons of the new cameras that are coming out.

I do follow the discussions on this forum with great interest as is the case at this moment with the new G1X MK2. After I decide what will work for me and what I want from a camera I will acquire that said camera.

Following this routine I,m happy to say that I purchased 2 great cameras in the past to learn and work the best I can with the camera. Again I thank this forum community for their advice for my purchases of the SX110 and SX50HS.

A couple of my random SX50 pictures.

In conclusion I like to say once you've decided which camera to buy, run with it and enjoy the features it has.



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To keep my brain active I'm looking forward to my next trip. So much to see yet and not enough time.

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