Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

andye53 wrote:

azalea wrote:

Man, we're so difficult to satisfy.

We want the best sensor, best evf, best focus system, best quality but we want them cheap. When the price is cheap and something's compromised, we complain. When everything's good but it's expensive, we complain. When everything's perfect but we found another camera exceeded this by a little in one category we complain.

And with the lenses we want them as fast as possible while being as small as possible as very well build but not expensive, oh and weather sealed please, if not we complain.

Damn just return all the SonyFujis and get the Leica T... wait it's expensive no thx.

LOL I was just thinking the same thing when I scanned through some the comments on the new Sony patent on the supposed f1.8-2.8 lens for the supposed RX100M3. No they positively cannot please everyone

I was just making an observation. I never OP'ed the messages about build quality. By itself, the A6000's construction is perfectly fine, but the quality of the material (the camera's skin namely) has definitely been downgraded from the NEX5 and 6. That said, if I had a choice (within a reasonable price), I'd always opt for a higher quality build material, like when the NEX first came out. NEX5 (partial metal body) vs the NEX3 (all plastic). Since I had the choice, the 3 was never in my consideration.

I don't agree with your comment about the 3. The NEX-3 was larger and heavier than the NEX-5, and had a thick polycarbonate body construction which, although not quite as nice as the 5, was still very rugged and solid feeling. I still have my 3. It feels very much tougher than the new A5000 and A6000 bodies. The NEX6 was more plastic so I most prefer the construction of the entire series of NEX-5, and the metalic NEX-7.

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