SX50 at San Diego Zoo Fete...

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Re: SX50 at San Diego Zoo Fete...

Just shooting with in RAW mode with the SX50 slows down to one frame per second, but the end result is a vastly superior picture.  As far as post processing that involves a bit of extra time too.  I think it may come down to also how fast or strong your computer is to get through the process quicker.  For example, I use the free version of Google's Picasa which isn't any where near as good nor expensive as photoshop.  It can take between 30 seconds to one minute per picture.  First you simply want to go through and delete the bad photos.  I shot some 800 photos in this last outing and only 200 where any good for various reasons (usually the subject/animal moving).

But shooting in RAW brings you greater image quality, detail, color, etc.  Once you start with RAW you would never go back to jpeg!

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