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Re: A Land of Giants

ysal wrote:

Very cute shot, I've never seen a hummer feed off a pine cone. Wonder what he is thinking!

Since I saw the hummingbird both arrive and leave, I can say with confidence she was not trying to feed off a pine cone.

So I have a hummingbird feeder up by the house; the property is surrounded on three sides by trees; one one side the trees come fairly close to where the feeder is located.  There is a male hummingbird who is territorial; he frequently sits on the feeder to guard it and tries to chase away other potential visitors.  I think female visitors use the pine tree as a watchtower, from the tree they can see whether the male is guarding the feeder while being far enough away that he won't try to chase them off.  I discovered this last week and since then have seen hummingbirds on this tree probably 5 or six times.  On the day I took this picture, I was specifically staking out the tree to get a shot (I waited probably 5-10 minutes during a time I knew the male was at the feeder), it just so happened that a hummingbird landed close to a pine cone.  When I saw that I intentionally aimed for the pose of the picture I posted with the hummingbird looking in the direction of the pine cone.

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