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Some facts about this subject:

1. it was sad that we did this, but remember in the world of 1942 it was not the "terrible and unnecessary crime" many folks see it as today.

2. those interned were almost entirely good citizens and the Go For Broke Regiment was truly heroic in its fighting spirit and combat achievements.

3. no way in hell can anyone say that the "less than idyllic" conditions of the US camps were in any way analogous to the concentration camps of Germany or Japan!

4. the US government's decision was based largely on two facts: 1. -- Japanese diplomats were quoted before Dec. 7 as saying they felt that "their people" in the US would rally to the Emperor in the event of war and these same Japanese diplomats felt that they could easily recruit young Japanese Americans to the cause .  2. -- during the attack on Pearl Harbor, when a Japanese pilot crash landed on a remote Hawaiian Island, he was aided by a Japanese-American family who provided weapons to him and other assistance in his attempts to recover his maps and other intel and permit his escape. A Hawaiian fought the pilot, sustaining gunshot wounds, before killing the pilot! The Japanese American male involved in the situation soon committed suicide! Not too many historians want to address these events and facts! Our President didn't have a crystal ball and the decision to intern the Japanese on the West Coast was made in light of these facts.  Japanese-Americans on the East Coast were not interned.

5. there were literally millions of German-Americans who were NOT interned, yes, but that is not to say their actions were not monitored by the FBI !!!  I know, because my own grandfather, of German decent, was stopped and questioned by "G-men" after he left a German-American Bund meeting before Pearl Harbor... he was called over to their auto by his name! Basically grandpa just liked the free beer and pretzels... when the G-men pointed out that a true American and veteran of WWI should not be associating with those people, Grandpa agreed and purchased his own beer from then on!

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