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Re: Raging mad A7

windwolf wrote:

Maybe its my fault, maybe not so if i can get the right advice nothing lost.

i don't usually have buyers remorse or get annoyed at sales people but this time I'm really annoyed.

after some deliberation, i decided on what i read and what the sales guy said from a rather large organization to buy the Sony A7.I had first told him I was about to sell off All my Nikon gear I had a buyer and should I go with the D600 or the Sony A7 his response was wow thats a hard one but I would go with the sony because of all the adapters and legacy lenses, so I sold off all my Nikon stuff and bought it, I paid extra to get it early. First off it shows up two days late,(will ask for a refund for the delivery) then when I go out to get lenses and adapter, I find out they really don't work that well lots of problems, Im not worried about auto focus I can handle manual we all learned on it ad it can be actually faster if you know what your doing. I shoot concerts weddings, glamour and special events which I was told the sony could handle. But when I tried to use the lens with a rocker md wouldn't focus right couldn't stop it down correctly, no metering in manual or AP and when I read on I saw others had the same problem and gave it back. I really want to keep it it seems like a great camera but don't want to spend 1k plus on lenses and really will the La 3 or 4 really help I don't need auto focus so maybe the 3 would be fine but what about for weddings and the bands I shoot.sorry about this rant but very very frustrated and like I said blame myself too so can ANYONE with a clear head and mind give me some good kind advice, do I send t back and get an older A900 or do I keep it, get a list of GOOD adapters and lenses that will work without breaking the bank too much. or did I just screw myself really good selling everything of by what the salesperson told me and buying into it.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS. There ar lot of good intelligent people on this forum. Please help.

First - I can assure you that if you're comfortable with manual focus, plenty of folks are enjoying their A7 with legacy lenses. M-Rokkors are one of the favorites. When you say "really don't work all that well" - I'm not sure where you get that from. It's perhaps the easiest modern camera to use with legacy MF lenses.

So my initial thoughts are, A7 is a great camera and no need to be discouraged. There's a bit to learn, but I can relate that once I got mine, is was sure within a week that I wasn't going back. Now that I've had it for a couple of months, I'm even more sure and have really settled into what it can do for me.

We're here to help. But instead of working with an initial post like this, we should start addressing each issue.

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